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Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Beall, Helen  23 Feb 1867Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland I575932 Richard Remme 
2 Chesnut, Mary Ann  18 Sep 1939Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland I429429 Richard Remme 
3 Hughes, Louisa Ann  1809Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland I493539 Richard Remme 
4 Jones, Martha  1699Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland I324302 Richard Remme 
5 Landers, Anthony Wade  27 Nov 1967Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland I585395 Richard Remme 
6 Mattson, Robert Marvin  12 Oct 1921Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland I469087 Richard Remme 
7 Souders, Calvin A. Jr.  9 Jul 1947Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland I588790 Richard Remme 
8 Stull, Catherine Mary  1723Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland I356712 Richard Remme 
9 Stull, Daniel  Abt 1727Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland I356721 Richard Remme 
10 Stull, Jacob  Abt 1737Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland I356724 Richard Remme 
11 Stull, Col. John Isaac  Abt 1735Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland I356723 Richard Remme 
12 Stull, Col. John Isaac  Abt 1735Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland I581256 Richard Remme 
13 Stull, Susannah  Abt 1739Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland I356725 Richard Remme 
14 Tullis, Nevin Montanye  24 Jan 1908Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland I380486 Richard Remme 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 BLOOM, Nora Caroline  30 Aug 1968Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland I380487 Richard Remme 
2 FitzHugh, William  10 Feb 1798Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland I331029 Richard Remme 
3 Foreback, Virginia Cordelia  23 Feb 1975Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland I587543 Richard Remme 
4 Garland, Stella Catherine  20 Jul 1987Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland I585853 Richard Remme 
5 Garland, Rev. William Howe  25 Mar 2003Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland I589564 Richard Remme 
6 Hann, David Russell  1 Dec 1992Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland I585824 Richard Remme 
7 Hendershot, Noah Heading  14 Jul 1963Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland I584893 Richard Remme 
8 Johnson, Pearl Irene  11 Nov 1995Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland I656915 Richard Remme 
9 Keefer, Ruth Leota  15 Jun 2000Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland I654214 Richard Remme 
10 Kline, Madaline Carrie  10 Jun 1993Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland I586794 Richard Remme 
11 Layton, Paul E.  4 Aug 1988Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland I586494 Richard Remme 
12 McKee, Roy Carl  8 Nov 1981Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland I520314 Richard Remme 
13 Mellott, Grace Elucian  22 Nov 1988Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland I589533 Richard Remme 
14 Mellott, Paul C. Sr.  10 Jul 1997Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland I519463 Richard Remme 
15 Nash, Robert George  23 Nov 2004Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland I383059 Richard Remme 
16 Souders, Gerald Delmar  13 Jan 1990Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland I430370 Richard Remme 
17 Souders, Gerald Delmar  13 Jan 1990Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland I590107 Richard Remme 
18 Swope, Freda Mildred  30 Mar 1996Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland I586681 Richard Remme 
19 Truax, Alma Marie  18 Jul 2000Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland I585715 Richard Remme 
20 Tullis, George Wesley  8 Apr 1958Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland I380490 Richard Remme 
21 Weller, Howard James Sr.  27 Dec 1985Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland I587780 Richard Remme 
22 Williams, Essie Elvira  10 Jul 1966Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland I585532 Richard Remme 
23 Williams, Gen. Otho Holland  11 Jul 1852Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland I581331 Richard Remme 

Alt. Death

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Muller, Johann Michael "Hans"  1771Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland I597608 Richard Remme 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Strait, Stanley Maynard  Between 1948 and 1983Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland I589859 Richard Remme 


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Harbaugh, Richard D.  2003Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland I519612 Richard Remme 
2 Harvey, Allen Charles  2007Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland I520330 Richard Remme 
3 Hess, Hattie Mary  2000Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland I656985 Richard Remme 
4 Leasure, Pauline  1971Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland I519942 Richard Remme 
5 Palmer, Gorman  2005Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland I585801 Richard Remme 
6 Schetrompf, Roy Jackson  1971Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland I519598 Richard Remme 
7 Tilghman, Mary  1850Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland I577302 Richard Remme 
8 Tilghman, Mary  1850Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland I342014 Richard Remme 


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Carnell / Akers  1914Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland F259129 Richard Remme 
2 Clevenger / Cahn  16 Mar 1950Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland F260058 Richard Remme 
3 Espenshade / Allison  16 Jun 1936Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland F214763 Richard Remme 
4 Gilland / Cline  22 Dec 1920Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland F252379 Richard Remme 
5 Hess / Hixson  Abt 1906Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland F258730 Richard Remme 
6 Hochard / Mowery  14 Oct 1926Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland F215306 Richard Remme 
7 Humbert / Keefer  4 Sep 1926Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland F260382 Richard Remme 
8 Humbert / Swisher  11 Nov 1933Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland F259961 Richard Remme 
9 Keefer / Mellott  1 Oct 1907Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland F259354 Richard Remme 
10 Mellott / Thomas  8 Mar 1922Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland F260485 Richard Remme 
11 Seville / Souders  20 Aug 1945Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland F260117 Richard Remme 
12 Snyder / Hillegass  28 Jun 1941Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland F214014 Richard Remme 
13 Steach / Mellott  6 Jun 1923Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland F200402 Richard Remme 
14 Steach / Mellott  6 Jun 1923Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland F259046 Richard Remme 
15 Truax / Deshong  29 Apr 1921Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland F200361 Richard Remme 
16 Truax / Deshong  29 Apr 1921Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland F258969 Richard Remme 
17 Trueax / Layton  9 Jun 1917Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland F260614 Richard Remme 
18 Weller / Truax  14 Jun 1945Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland F260702 Richard Remme 
19 Winter / Anderson  29 Mar 1928Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland F231132 Richard Remme 

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