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Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allison, Clarence S.  1898Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I425193 Richard Remme 
2 Allison, George  Mar 1880Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I449763 Richard Remme 
3 Barefoot, Harold DeRoy  18 Jul 1944Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I458439 Richard Remme 
4 Blackburn, Ada  Mar 1878Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I450516 Richard Remme 
5 Clark, Leola L. Saylor  26 Sep 1883Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I424470 Richard Remme 
6 Clark, Margaret Ruth  5 Feb 1886Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I424471 Richard Remme 
7 Clark, Mary Edith  15 Apr 1890Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I424473 Richard Remme 
8 Clark, Touraine Vivian  30 Jan 1921Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I469651 Richard Remme 
9 Crissman, Jessie Austa  26 Jul 1883Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I466002 Richard Remme 
10 Davis, Agnes Marjorie  11 Dec 1907Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I469059 Richard Remme 
11 Davis, Eva Cecelia  23 Mar 1888Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I466889 Richard Remme 
12 Davis, Gerald Claude  24 Mar 1902Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I469057 Richard Remme 
13 Davis, Helen Frances  3 Sep 1894Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I459679 Richard Remme 
14 Davis, Percy Blackburn  21 Sep 1903Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I469058 Richard Remme 
15 Davis, Robert Donald  30 Nov 1930Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I425373 Richard Remme 
16 Davis, Ruthanna Vivian  24 Feb 1911Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I469060 Richard Remme 
17 Davis, Walter Rogers  30 Oct 1885Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I466892 Richard Remme 
18 Hahn, Joseph Stanton  3 Feb 1897Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I425259 Richard Remme 
19 Hammer, Harry D.  26 Sep 1883Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I466309 Richard Remme 
20 Hammer, Helen Margaret  25 Jan 1895Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I487380 Richard Remme 
21 Harbaugh, Ruth Helen  27 Jan 1927Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I449885 Richard Remme 
22 Holsinger, Howard Roy  2 Mar 1885Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I451424 Richard Remme 
23 Ickes, Allegra  9 May 1873Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I425173 Richard Remme 
24 Ickes, Charles S.  20 Jun 1897Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I424458 Richard Remme 
25 Ickes, Eva May  15 Jul 1899Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I424460 Richard Remme 
26 Ickes, Harry Samuel  9 Nov 1916Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I458467 Richard Remme 
27 Kinzey, Fred James  4 Apr 1919Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I470246 Richard Remme 
28 Kniseley, Mildred Jane  21 Aug 1928Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I475713 Richard Remme 
29 MacGregor, William  1 Mar 1903Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I476299 Richard Remme 
30 Mansfield, Ralph  13 May 1897Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I462270 Richard Remme 
31 McGregor, Ada L.  31 May 1894Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I476296 Richard Remme 
32 McGregor, Allegra May  1 Apr 1884Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I476286 Richard Remme 
33 McGregor, Arda Rosalie  10 Nov 1898Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I476298 Richard Remme 
34 McGregor, Freda Irene  1 Aug 1918Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I469322 Richard Remme 
35 McGregor, Laura Jane  12 Mar 1892Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I476295 Richard Remme 
36 McGregor, Naoma  23 Jun 1896Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I476297 Richard Remme 
37 Mickle, Doris Elaine  6 Apr 1917Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I457304 Richard Remme 
38 Mickle, J. Alan  9 Jul 1912Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I457284 Richard Remme 
39 Mickle, Paul C.  3 Apr 1902Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I481640 Richard Remme 
40 Mock, Arden W.  17 Jan 1923Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I459487 Richard Remme 
41 Potts, Helena  24 Jan 1918Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I481337 Richard Remme 
42 Prosser, Grace Pauline  16 Mar 1911Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I470286 Richard Remme 
43 Prosser, Harry M.  6 Apr 1881Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I470285 Richard Remme 
44 Rouzer, George W.  12 Oct 1918Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I481671 Richard Remme 
45 Stine, Edmund L.  6 Feb 1879Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I484271 Richard Remme 
46 Watkins, boy-4  Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I450537 Richard Remme 
47 Watkins, Charles Thomas  27 Nov 1921Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I450531 Richard Remme 
48 Watkins, Dorothy Genevieve  28 Jul 1912Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I450528 Richard Remme 
49 Watkins, girl-1  18 Jul 1909Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I450526 Richard Remme 
50 Watkins, Harry Blackburn  28 Aug 1907Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I450525 Richard Remme 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allison, Clarence S.  1898Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I425193 Richard Remme 
2 Barefoot, James Alexander  1 Jul 1923Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I425845 Richard Remme 
3 Blackburn, Jacob Ealy  19 Mar 1937Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I450294 Richard Remme 
4 Blackburn, Mary H.  15 Oct 1906Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I424823 Richard Remme 
5 Blackburn, Ruth Anna  20 Jun 1905Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I450271 Richard Remme 
6 Callihan, John Wesley  10 Apr 1937Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I448744 Richard Remme 
7 Claycomb, Lemon Schooley  25 Jul 1958Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I425336 Richard Remme 
8 Crissman, Elizabeth "Eliza"  15 Aug 1909Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I425288 Richard Remme 
9 Davis, William Hancock  23 Jun 1922Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I450270 Richard Remme 
10 Dull, Henry Laverne  6 Jan 1997Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I457261 Richard Remme 
11 Hahn, Harriet  5 Aug 1988Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I425273 Richard Remme 
12 Hammer, Joseph Clay  1 Jun 1972Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I466888 Richard Remme 
13 Hammer, Rufus Haderman  1 Jan 1962Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I425287 Richard Remme 
14 Harbaugh, Mary Ann  8 Mar 1935Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I449533 Richard Remme 
15 Harbaugh, Thomas Herbison  1950Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I449836 Richard Remme 
16 Ickes, Charles S.  17 Sep 1897Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I424458 Richard Remme 
17 Kratzer, Elliott Goodwin  22 Jun 1905Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I450519 Richard Remme 
18 Lingenfelter, David A.  1841Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I465504 Richard Remme 
19 Lingenfelter, Rachel M.  18 Sep 1851Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I465502 Richard Remme 
20 Mauk, Sarah Elizabeth  26 Jan 1945Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I425324 Richard Remme 
21 McGregor, William Alexander  11 Feb 1937Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I449537 Richard Remme 
22 McGregor, William Elmer  7 Aug 1921Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I476284 Richard Remme 
23 Mickle, Mary E.  1 May 1966Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I464070 Richard Remme 
24 Miller, Annetta  13 Feb 1882Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I484112 Richard Remme 
25 Miller, Della  8 Jul 1906Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I476294 Richard Remme 
26 Prosser, Harry M.  1 Feb 1949Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I470285 Richard Remme 
27 Sellers, Virgie A.  4 Jun 1956Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I450538 Richard Remme 
28 Sleek, Sarah Lucas  27 Jun 1918Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I450269 Richard Remme 
29 Smith, John B.  1927Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I486266 Richard Remme 
30 Watkins, girl-1  19 Jul 1909Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I450526 Richard Remme 
31 Watkins, Harry Blackburn  12 Aug 1908Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I450525 Richard Remme 
32 Watkins, Harry Clay  1939Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I450524 Richard Remme 
33 Wertz, Mandilla  26 Mar 1906Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I425840 Richard Remme 
34 Wolf, Sarah Elizabeth  13 Nov 1918Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I425846 Richard Remme 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Griffith, Savannah  Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I461226 Richard Remme 
2 Hahn, Sarah Eliza  Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I425256 Richard Remme 
3 Ickes, Richard Watson  Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I424459 Richard Remme 
4 Ickes, William Franklin  Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I425290 Richard Remme 
5 MacGregor, William  Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I476299 Richard Remme 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Claycomb, Alice Marie  Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I425351 Richard Remme 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barefoot, Thelda Elizabeth  Between 1969 and 1976Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I449059 Richard Remme 
2 Blackburn, Jacob Ealy  1937Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I450294 Richard Remme 
3 Claycomb, Alice Marie  Between 1958 and 1965Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I425351 Richard Remme 
4 Claycomb, Lemon Schooley  1958Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I425336 Richard Remme 
5 Hammer, Rufus Haderman  Between 1961 and 1962Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I425287 Richard Remme 
6 Ickes, Ressie Luella  Between 1958 and 1959Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I425328 Richard Remme 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 /   9 Sep 1897Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania F207415 Richard Remme 
2 Allison / Harbaugh  11 Sep 1917Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania F207127 Richard Remme 
3 Barefoot / Smith  18 Oct 1888Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania F220029 Richard Remme 
4 Carberry / McGregor  13 Mar 1919Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania F216632 Richard Remme 
5 Earnest / Wonders  18 Sep 1918Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania F212250 Richard Remme 
6 Hinson / Miller  9 Aug 1919Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania F210520 Richard Remme 
7 McGregor / Harbaugh  7 Sep 1865Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania F207115 Richard Remme 
8 Wendle / McGregor  25 May 1911Pleasantville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania F216623 Richard Remme 

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