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Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Baylor, Gertrude  10 Sep 1910Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I469163 Richard Remme 
2 Boozer, Craig  19 Jan 1910Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I464732 Richard Remme 
3 Boozer, George Harrison  2 Sep 1908Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I449913 Richard Remme 
4 Boozer, Margaret Elizabeth  5 Jul 1907Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I464731 Richard Remme 
5 Claar, Susannah Lynette  20 Sep 1991Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I425832 Richard Remme 
6 Claycomb, Reynold  13 Apr 1905Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I486144 Richard Remme 
7 Claycomb, Shawn Douglas  9 Nov 1986Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I460714 Richard Remme 
8 Eash, Paul William  13 Feb 1928Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I470359 Richard Remme 
9 Faust, Joseph Edward  20 Apr 1917Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I424418 Richard Remme 
10 Feathers, Ruth Virginia  29 Jun 1903Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I425455 Richard Remme 
11 Felix, Catherine Irene  31 Aug 1924Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I469212 Richard Remme 
12 Felix, James Edward  21 Aug 1936Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I469216 Richard Remme 
13 Finnegan, Donald Clark  29 Feb 1976Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I465961 Richard Remme 
14 Fleegle, Foster M.  20 Aug 1907Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I448973 Richard Remme 
15 Fleegle, Miriam L.  28 Mar 1924Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I449051 Richard Remme 
16 Geisel, Fred Grant  18 Feb 1915Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I450264 Richard Remme 
17 Gerula, Patricia Jean  8 Nov 1941Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I465449 Richard Remme 
18 Gindlesperger, Malvin Ver  17 Mar 1899Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I468882 Richard Remme 
19 Gore, Betty Louise  12 Mar 1921Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I450126 Richard Remme 
20 Gore, Mary Kathryn  18 Oct 1924Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I450128 Richard Remme 
21 Grieff, Eva Lavern  16 Jan 1926Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I455869 Richard Remme 
22 Harbaugh, boy-2  Dec 1950Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I461037 Richard Remme 
23 Harbaugh, Carol Ann  15 Mar 1947Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I466394 Richard Remme 
24 Hinton, Elroy Gator  20 Jun 1929Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I473900 Richard Remme 
25 Hobba, Patricia Ann  19 Dec 1935Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I424417 Richard Remme 
26 Hoffman, Foster  16 Jul 1916Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I450129 Richard Remme 
27 Horn, Ryan Scott  27 Oct 1986Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I458966 Richard Remme 
28 Horne, Mildred Louise  1925Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I466406 Richard Remme 
29 Horne, Thelma L.  17 May 1927Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I466400 Richard Remme 
30 Knisely, Nicole Elizabeth  12 Feb 1993Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I461058 Richard Remme 
31 Kring, Vanessa Joan  13 Nov 1956Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I449124 Richard Remme 
32 Law, Gloria Pearl  31 Mar 1948Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I450093 Richard Remme 
33 Mansfield, Clarence Elmer Lee  12 Jun 1903Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I462272 Richard Remme 
34 McNeal, Leonard Joseph  23 Mar 1933Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I476244 Richard Remme 
35 Mickle, Eleanor  20 Jan 1914Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I450152 Richard Remme 
36 Mickle, George Merle  11 Jan 1921Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I450155 Richard Remme 
37 Mickle, Gerald Clayton  21 Mar 1916Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I450153 Richard Remme 
38 Mickle, Goldie Marie  10 Apr 1918Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I450154 Richard Remme 
39 Mickle, Lloyd Calvin  13 Dec 1911Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I450151 Richard Remme 
40 Miller, Howard W.  11 Dec 1915Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I461754 Richard Remme 
41 Miller, James D.  9 Mar 1943Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I456640 Richard Remme 
42 Miller, Robert E.  17 Jun 1919Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I461755 Richard Remme 
43 Miller, Timothy L.  28 Dec 1959Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I468708 Richard Remme 
44 Miller, Viola Rose  4 Aug 1936Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I424396 Richard Remme 
45 Miller, William Lamont  29 Jan 1912Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I461753 Richard Remme 
46 Mock, Mark Allen  28 May 1962Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I458724 Richard Remme 
47 Morgart, Hazel A.  11 Sep 1906Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I425347 Richard Remme 
48 Morgart, Robert E.  20 Apr 1917Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I425350 Richard Remme 
49 Morgart, Vera Elizabeth  7 May 1908Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I425348 Richard Remme 
50 Nunamaker, Mildred Ellen  3 Jan 1915Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I463913 Richard Remme 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adams, Veron M.  1 Dec 1999Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I455862 Richard Remme 
2 Barefoot, Carrie Dena  11 Aug 1976Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I449694 Richard Remme 
3 Barefoot, Harold Ward  18 Jan 1987Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I463816 Richard Remme 
4 Basore, Carl E.  24 Mar 1983Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I464578 Richard Remme 
5 Baumgardner, Isaac Roy  25 Mar 1962Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I449056 Richard Remme 
6 Baumgardner, Vera A.  3 Nov 1992Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I451204 Richard Remme 
7 Beam, Merle Arthur  18 Jul 1973Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I489379 Richard Remme 
8 Beckley, Charles Harper  24 Sep 1973Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I464147 Richard Remme 
9 Berkey, Grace Phyllis  1 Nov 2001Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I449614 Richard Remme 
10 Bertram, Mae C.  Aug 1977Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I449026 Richard Remme 
11 Blackburn, Hazel V.  6 Feb 1982Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I460442 Richard Remme 
12 Blackburn, Helen V.  19 Mar 2004Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I457159 Richard Remme 
13 Blackburn, Jacob Clifford  31 Dec 1964Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I450518 Richard Remme 
14 Blackburn, James R.  31 Mar 1995Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I460417 Richard Remme 
15 Blackburn, Lloyd Beckley  12 Jan 1966Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I451897 Richard Remme 
16 Blackburn, Stanley Elvin  4 Sep 1946Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I471248 Richard Remme 
17 Bowman, Ruth Ann  26 Jun 1990Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I467847 Richard Remme 
18 Bowser, Mary Ailene  14 Jan 1993Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I424490 Richard Remme 
19 Callihan, Fannie Virginia  30 Mar 1997Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I425969 Richard Remme 
20 Claar, Ray Edward  2 May 1995Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I425738 Richard Remme 
21 Clark, Cyril Carl  28 Nov 1969Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I424512 Richard Remme 
22 Clark, Gary Paul  3 Feb 1982Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I457173 Richard Remme 
23 Claycomb, Charles Morey  9 Jan 1975Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I451520 Richard Remme 
24 Constable, Ruth  16 Nov 1987Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I451017 Richard Remme 
25 Cuppett, Samuel Berkebile  25 Sep 1931Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I451932 Richard Remme 
26 Daugherty, Charles Martin  30 Nov 1996Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I460946 Richard Remme 
27 Dibert, Imogene  1 Aug 1987Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I465086 Richard Remme 
28 Dick, Anna Mildred  26 Nov 1994Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I426077 Richard Remme 
29 Dishong, Merle A.  Jan 1978Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I449846 Richard Remme 
30 Dull, Arlene  23 May 1998Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I448940 Richard Remme 
31 Ellis, Doyle Landis  2 Feb 1971Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I424588 Richard Remme 
32 Emerick, Harry J.  11 Nov 1997Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I461545 Richard Remme 
33 Feather, Edna Lucille  28 Aug 1981Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I464148 Richard Remme 
34 Feathers, Ruth Virginia  22 Sep 1979Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I425455 Richard Remme 
35 Felix, Ezekiel  9 Nov 1943Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I450064 Richard Remme 
36 Felix, James Edward  29 Jun 1987Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I469216 Richard Remme 
37 Felix, Lloyd John  1 Aug 1975Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I469210 Richard Remme 
38 Fleegle, Calvin Donald  9 Oct 1993Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I449050 Richard Remme 
39 Fleegle, Foster M.  13 Aug 1992Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I448973 Richard Remme 
40 Fleegle, Ila L.  16 Jun 1999Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I448977 Richard Remme 
41 Garretson, Russell Jack  30 Jan 1979Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I445791 Richard Remme 
42 Geisler, C. Paul  17 May 1987Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I463349 Richard Remme 
43 Gindlesperger, Malvin Ver  31 May 1985Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I468882 Richard Remme 
44 Gordon, Nell G.  8 Apr 1985Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I425614 Richard Remme 
45 Gore, Mary Kathryn  5 May 1926Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I450128 Richard Remme 
46 Hammer, Clay J.  3 Sep 1984Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I466610 Richard Remme 
47 Hammer, Sarah Elizabeth  27 Mar 1982Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I466308 Richard Remme 
48 Harbaugh, boy-2  Dec 1950Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I461037 Richard Remme 
49 Harbaugh, Maude Lillian  1 Jul 1960Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I449663 Richard Remme 
50 Harbaugh, Nettie May  3 Nov 1963Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I470619 Richard Remme 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Miller, Viola Rose  Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I424396 Richard Remme 
2 Wissinger, Kenneth Dwayne "Skeets"  Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I424397 Richard Remme 

Alt. Death

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ellis, Doyle Landis  28 Feb 1995Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I424588 Richard Remme 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Davis, William A.  Between 1946 and 1984Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I451211 Richard Remme 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barefoot, Lynn Harry  2005Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I451907 Richard Remme 
2 Berkey, Emory David  1976Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I449613 Richard Remme 
3 Berkey, Emory David  1977Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I449613 Richard Remme 
4 Blackburn, Homer Russell  1993Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I458330 Richard Remme 
5 Blackburn, John Otto  1975Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I481377 Richard Remme 
6 Davis, William A.  2004Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I451211 Richard Remme 
7 Fox, Ida Mae  1958Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I451250 Richard Remme 
8 Fox, Minnie E.  1960Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I451251 Richard Remme 
9 Gephart, Charles Warren  1964Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I449602 Richard Remme 
10 Gephart, Lucy Catherine  1964Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I449603 Richard Remme 
11 Gephart, Lucy Catherine  1994Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I449603 Richard Remme 
12 Gephart, William S.  1964Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I425933 Richard Remme 
13 Hofecker, Leonard Orville  2007Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I424361 Richard Remme 
14 Kelly, Ida May  1967Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I426003 Richard Remme 
15 Knavel, Phyllis Arlene  Between 1961 and 2003Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I449626 Richard Remme 
16 Knavel, Phyllis Arlene  1977Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I449626 Richard Remme 
17 Kring, Grace Pearl  1961Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I449087 Richard Remme 
18 Kring, Helen Ruth  1967Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I449102 Richard Remme 
19 Law, Gloria Pearl  2004Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I450093 Richard Remme 
20 Manges, Uriel Segwick  1958Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I451259 Richard Remme 
21 McCleary, Charles Wesley  1960Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I451265 Richard Remme 
22 Miller, Clair E.  Between 1972 and 2006Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I448735 Richard Remme 
23 Miller, Thomas Rudolph "Tommy"  1993Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I424395 Richard Remme 
24 Rose, Kathryn S.  1971Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I425994 Richard Remme 
25 Seese, Stanford W. Sr.  1994Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I449605 Richard Remme 
26 Shaffer, Edwin C.  1999Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I449117 Richard Remme 
27 Shaffer, Fleta Luella  1993Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I424405 Richard Remme 
28 Stiffler, Cloyd Junior  1961Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I449140 Richard Remme 
29 Stiffler, George Washington  1961Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I449137 Richard Remme 
30 Stiffler, Paul Homer  1961Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I449139 Richard Remme 
31 Trevorrow, Lillian Pearl  2004Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I450087 Richard Remme 
32 Weaver, Frances Emma  1971Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I425952 Richard Remme 
33 Wissinger, Melody Ann  2004Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I424555 Richard Remme 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Holsinger / Guiser  17 Jul 1927Windber, Somerset County, Pennsylvania F207940 Richard Remme 

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