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Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Charles Aquillo  18 Sep 1895Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I464386
2 Allen, Estella Margaret  1 May 1879Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I464382
3 Allen, Franklin Statler  15 Jun 1891Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I464385
4 Allen, Joseph Penrose  3 Aug 1881Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I458161
5 Allen, Lavada Margarite  25 Jan 1901Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I468516
6 Allen, Samuel Blair  4 Mar 1877Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I464381
7 Allen, Sarah Lenora  19 Jun 1884Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I464383
8 Allen, Walter Clay  28 Dec 1888Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I464384
9 Allen, William Sewell  12 Jun 1875Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I464522
10 Bailey, Charles Allen  27 Nov 1921Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I468519
11 Bailey, William Chalmer  9 Feb 1925Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I468521
12 Berkheimer, William Edgar  5 Sep 1910Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I459636
13 Blackburn, Abigail  18 Dec 1890Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I487371
14 Blackburn, Andrew Jackson  2 Mar 1844Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I459629
15 Blattenberger, Emma Jane  26 Jan 1878Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I462174
16 Blattenberger, Minnie Mae  30 Oct 1875Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I462172
17 Clark, Maud Pauline  25 Apr 1888Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I424472
18 Corle, Emma Lorene  15 Nov 1915Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I459750
19 Corle, Madeline H.  1 Nov 1917Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I459748
20 Crissman, Earl Alton  13 Mar 1926Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I463459
21 Feaster, Arthur H.  27 Apr 1920Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I456742
22 Feathers, Chester Theodore "Ted"  15 Jun 1927Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I425027
23 Feathers, Donald Paul  24 Feb 1929Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I425475
24 Feathers, Edmund Dale Sr.  2 Feb 1925Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I425474
25 Feathers, Emily Jeanne  28 Oct 1931Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I425476
26 Feathers, George William  5 Jul 1933Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I425477
27 Feathers, Mary Ann  5 Aug 1941Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I425482
28 Ferguson, Lloyd C.  1 Sep 1915Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I448984
29 Griffith, George W.  6 Nov 1851Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I449231
30 Hinson, Harry Carl  23 Jul 1921Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I458784
31 Kirk, Alexander Curtin  16 Apr 1863Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I484050
32 Kirk, Annie  18 Mar 1855Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I458164
33 Kirk, Ellen  15 Dec 1852Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I460150
34 Kirk, Henry Clay  13 May 1860Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I484049
35 Miller, Alice Ruth  18 Jul 1908Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I425026
36 Miller, Carl Franklin  7 Sep 1904Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I465575
37 Miller, Dorothy S.  14 Nov 1906Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I424532
38 Miller, Harry Jackson  3 Sep 1927Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I465578
39 Miller, Margaret Emily  21 Oct 1902Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I449767
40 Miller, Paul Joseph  23 Feb 1947Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I465581
41 Mowery, Cleo M.  13 Feb 1891Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I460158
42 Mowery, Edith G.  12 Jul 1902Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I460146
43 Mowery, Edna  25 Jul 1906Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I460163
44 Mowery, Wilma  25 Jun 1908Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I460164
45 Mowry, Howard H.  19 Apr 1892Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I460159
46 Otto, Jean L.  6 Feb 1926Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I459707
47 Smith, John Irvin  12 Sep 1869Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I472645
48 Wendel, Clark Ewalt  10 Jun 1921Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I469537
49 Wolfe, Allene Catherine  12 Oct 1893Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I459619
50 Wolfe, Henry Clay  29 Mar 1891Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I459618

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allen, Estella Margaret  13 Sep 1912Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I464382
2 Allen, James Alexander  19 Nov 1918Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I458163
3 Allen, William Sewell  4 Sep 1940Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I464522
4 Blackburn, Anna E.  16 Oct 1941Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I464448
5 Blackburn, Thomas Kegg  27 Feb 1925Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I481276
6 Griffith, George W.  3 Jan 1923Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I449231
7 Griffith, Jackson Wilson  8 May 1965Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I481867
8 Hahn, Colette Rae  16 Aug 1996Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I455892
9 Kirk, Annie  3 Oct 1934Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I458164
10 Kirk, Ellen  20 Dec 1907Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I460150
11 Kirk, Henry Clay  18 Jan 1913Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I484049
12 Kirk, William  20 Jan 1891Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I446191
13 Miller, Harry Jackson  1 May 1928Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I465578
14 Mowery, Cleo M.  20 Aug 1891Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I460158
15 Rowzer, James Alfred  16 Dec 2005Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I459470
16 Wolf, Thomas Richard  16 Nov 1997Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I456727
17 Wolfe, Charles Wesley  3 Jan 1937Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I460149
18 Wolfe, Henry Clay  24 Jun 1964Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I459618
19 Wolfe, John Harvey Jr.  7 Oct 1997Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I451731
20 Wolfe, Nathan Russell  1 Mar 1912Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I455932
21 Wolfe, Stanley Walton  1 Feb 1959Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I459617
22 Wolfe, William Albert  27 May 1957Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I455935


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Clark, Gary F.  Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I425469


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Horner, Anna Mary  1999Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I451536
2 Ickes, Daniel Glenn  1996Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania I425358


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Blackburn / Bowen  2 Dec 1801Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania F205754
2 Charles / Smith  21 Jun 1930Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania F213770
3 Crisman / Miller  26 Nov 1865Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania F212078
4 Gordon / Wolfe  14 Feb 1906Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania F210586
5 Hammer / Allen  18 Jun 1908Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania F213085
6 Hoopes / Cleaver  23 May 1889Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania F220407
7 Kirk / Snowberger  22 Jul 1882Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania F219374
8 Miller / Blattenberger  18 Dec 1901Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania F211680
9 Miller / Wolfe  15 Oct 1913Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania F210820
10 Smith / Blackburn  11 Mar 1894Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania F212405
11 Teeter / Boozer  10 Jul 1946Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania F212569
12 Vore / Blackburn  22 Jul 1815Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania F206002
13 Vore / Blackburn  3 Sep 1818Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania F206005

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