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This is mainly a personal site, intended for my own amusement, curiosity and interest. There is something though that might be of interest to the occasional visitor: the genealogical section. It's main attraction probably is the 590.000+ records database. Do check it out, no registration needed, absolutely free accessible !
This site is under construction, so please come back regularly.

Richard, October 13 2016

The Next Generation

Posted by Richard Remmé on August 21, 2014

Recently I purchased a program I very much like : The Next Generation of Sitebuilding. It is a genealogy software installed in a web server developed by Darrin Lythgoe. Check out the autor's website here.
I quickly as possible installed the software, without adjusting the design and layout. That is something that still has to bee done.


Posted by Richard Remmé on on June 01, 2017
Katarzya Krupicz

Precious memories & lost dreams ...

The Hague

Posted by Richard Remmé on August 21, 2014

My hometown is The Hague, the international city of justice and peace. 30 Years ago I moved to The Hague, and since then I have always lived there. It is a nice enough old town, with plenty of monuments and musea and of course the beach close by. In this section I will bee posting my own pictures and video's of this city.

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Under construction

under construction

Dear visitor, please keep in mind this site is still under construction. A lot of things are not yet quit what they are supposed to be, so please be patient and do come back regularly.

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